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Initial Mask

Final Mask

My concept for the mask began out of inspiration by the work of Richard Burbridge. I found these washers at a hardware store that I liked and thought they would be an interesting medium to work with and give me alot of variety for ways of sculpting the mask. I initially had in mind a mask that would fall over the head and drape of one shoulder, however soon realized it would be difficult to execute well with my gathered materials.

My final structure of the mask developed as I explored ways of constructing the washers. A comment that my work in progress brought about ideas of burqas,  I continued my construction to represent the view of women as seen in various cultures and society. My final product focused on the female voice/opinion and their role in family growth as represented by the veil. The mask as whole represents how females are sometimes viewed not for their individual strengths and character but minimized to voiceless, childbearing figures.